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System Software for a System of Systems

Create enterprise software with less effort.

A system of systems is like a team of people and computers. Multiple computers can work together to accomplish more than any one computer system.

A one computer system is built from reusable software products orchestrated by organization specific software. An operating system creates an environment on one computer for software components to work together with the lowest possible effort. A communication network enables two computers to work together as one system. An enterprise system is multiple computers with a network working together as orchestrated by organization specific software.

A team of people is better at preventing or mitigating the effect of a crime than one person alone. A team of people working at several locations are better able to survive a catastrophic event such as a power failure, fire, or flood. Similarly, an enterprise system can resist crime and survive a catastrophic event better than any one computer system.

SoftEcoSDK is a communication infrastructure that helps software components to work together as an enterprise system with less effort.

Learn about SoftEcoSDK by clicking on Introduction under the Information tab.