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An organization improves efficiency by selectively automating part or most of a work task. Automated work must also be performed under adverse conditions.

Crime is an example of an adverse condition. A crime occurs when a person performs an unauthorized action. Crime prevention and detection ranges from fences, walls, and locks to complex procedures recording and auditing transactions. A system composed of only people includes inspection, records, and audits to prevent simple crime attempts and detect infrequent sophisticated crime.

Automation by computer must also involve other computers and people to properly perform under adverse conditions.

Situation Paper

This paper presents the situation of how multiple people and computers must work together to handle a wide range of adverse conditions. View a situation paper in a separate window by selecting the highlighted link.


Introduction Paper

This paper presents system software as an infrastructure that helps to create a multiple computer system. View an introduction paper in a separate window by selecting the highlighted link.


Topic: A Better Software Infrastructure for Reliability & Security

Sub title: Prevent Cyber Crime and Survive Most Disasters

A new design pattern and software infrastructure helps a system to achieve better reliability and security. A client and server use the infrastructure to detect, isolate and recover from an aberrant program and computer inside of a system.

Good security requires good reliability. The possible security failure of one computer requires other computers to quickly and seamlessly take over in-progress work. A failure should only have a visible effect of the time needed for failure detection and work recovery.

Anyone interested in system reliability and security should find the described ideas and infrastructure useful in their future system projects.

View a slide presentation in a separate window by selecting the highlighted link.

  Product Data Sheet

The product data sheet presents the what, why and how of the infrastructure. View a product data sheet in a separate window by selecting the highlighted link.

 Programmer Introduction

A document describes the what, why and how of a better middleware. It shows a programmer how to write a convertible data class, message publisher, message subscriber, service client session used by a client program, and a server client session that performs work for a client session.

View a programmer introduction in a separate window by selecting the highlighted link.