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Product Line Strategy

Our mission is to run the world with better software. The strategy to accomplish this mission is in two parts. The first part is how to guide others to create better software. The second part is how this company creates a product in support of the first part.

The product line provides a better starting point for a multiple computer software system. It also encourages a third party to create software that follows a different and better model than a traditional monolithic approach. Our software system architecture and design has been carefully devised to accomplish both of these goals.

Two innovations are at the heart of this better software. They combine existing techniques in a new manner into innovations that achieve superior results.

One innovation is a technology for data representation. Data content is converted between XML, in memory, and serial format by system conversion functions as directed by initialized in memory Meta data. This innovation eliminates most of the programming needed to convert between formats.

The second innovation is a technology for communication between a client and server via a recoverable session. All message communication and checkpoint of session state goes through a third party. The third party saves this session state and forwards the communication messages. The third party is then able to reassign a failed client or server session to an identical program instance on a different computer if it is necessary to recover a session from saved session state information.

A client and server using these two innovations achieves functionality similar to an RPC (remote procedure call). The additional benefits include:

- improved reliability by automatic fail over to backup hardware and software.

- improved security via a server, that checks client capability against requested action, executing on a different computer than a client.

- bridging isolated functionality created by a different combination of software language, OS, and computer vendor.

- minimal programming to convert data content between formats.

The strategy for products created by our company is to achieve high quality software at a low price in comparison to the currently available alternatives. High quality software mostly comes from attitude and experience applied during the design process along with time for reflection and iteration. Quality implementation mostly comes from experience and a desire to keep things simple A product price is set to recover cost, achieve some level of reward for taking a risk, and cover any continuing cost to maintain a product over time. Our company focuses on customizable software products with a large potential market and sets a relatively low price that encourages use by third party software vendors.